Kamui VUE Bridge Head

Kamui VUE Bridge Head

  • Price
  • Versatility
  • Usefulness
  • Quality
  • Uniqueness

Quite simply, the VUE bridge head is one of the best bridge heads I have ever used. It is much pricier than other bridge heads on the market, but it is well worth it.

Here is what makes the VUE a great product:

  • The VUE is an extremely well engineered, high quality product
  • Made out of a thick plexiglass type material, the VUE will last you a lifetime
  • It is extremely versatile with 7 bridge height options
  • Special rail “cutouts” get you into those tight situations where balls are frozen or close to the rails
  • The bridge is extremely stable, so much so, it is effective for jumping
  • It is 100% transparent, which allows the utmost visibility in all shooting positions
  • The bridge is portable & comes with a handy pouch that takes up virtually no room in your cue case.


Areas of improvement for the VUE Bridge Head:

  • Expensively priced, many may not be willing to invest the dollars given the many lower priced options on the market.
  • The VUE ships with no instructions, which I think does the product a disservice. While information is available online, the reality is that many of the unique features may go completely unused without included instructions. As a result, players may be inclined to use the VUE as a standard, simple bridge. A simple instruction sheet would prove extremely helpful and assure that the consumer makes the most of their purchase.


Let’s take a closer look at the VUE Bridge Head: 

Just a look at the packaging of the bridge alone gives the impression it is something special:











The VUE ships with the bridge head itself along with a convenient fabric pouch to protect it in your cue case:











Here are a couple examples of the varying placements and height options. It slides snugly over the tip of your break cue and has a very stable feel. I experienced absolutely no wobble in the use of this bridge head.





















One of the most differentiating features of the VUE over all other bridge heads is the transparency. This provides 100% visibility as you work around or over balls. This prevents fouls that can occur by accidentally rubbing the shaft against an interfering ball during your stroke. The following images afford you a great look at the value of this differentiating feature.



















The following is an example of the usefulness of the rail-height cutouts that let you work effectively over frozen balls or balls near the rail.





















Last but not least, can you jump with this bridge? You sure can!


Final Verdict:

I highly recommend this product despite the expensive price tag. There is no other bridge head on the market like the VUE. The differentiating qualities from other bridges make it a must have for any pool player looking for an edge. Many pool players tend to avoid using a bridge. If you are one of them, you may find that the VUE changes your opinion of using a bridge. Let your opponent grab that house rake underneath the table or overstretch & miscue as they avoid using their dreaded bridge.

Spend the money, you wont regret it.

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