Dr. Z Shaft Prescription

Dr. Z Shaft Prescription

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This is one of the best, most convenient shaft maintenance products I have used. Carry the Dr.Z shaft maintenance system in your bag and you will always have a method of keeping your shaft clean and smooth wherever you go. Having said that, please keep in mind, this product is to be used on wood shafts. I would not use it on composite shafts.

Read on to find out more about this unique product and how it differentiates itself from similar products on the market.

What comes in the package:

The system consists of the following four components plus an instruction card all housed in a convenient plastic, reusable ziploc case:

  • Two wool fabric cloths for wiping your shaft and hands
  • A two sided specialized, multi-grain shaft cleaning pad
  • A leather tip burnishing pad

The following are instructions for how to condition your cue using this product.

Step 1: Clean the shaft using the rough side of the multi-grain pad:

The pad is kind of like a sand paper material, but is important to note that it is not sand paper. It is unique in that
it does an excellent job of removing dirt & oils from the shaft, but will not shave your shaft down by “removing wood” from your cue. Wrap the rough side of the pad around your cue and gently apply equal pressure around the shaft, then with a twisting motion, slide the pad up and down the shaft to remove the dirt and grime from the shaft.

This is what the pad looks like after cleaning the shaft with it

Step 2: Wipe the shaft down with the cloth and repeat process with the smoother side of the multi-grain pad:

Wipe the shaft down with one of the wool cloths to remove any excess particles left on the shaft from the prior step. Then repeat the process, using the smoother side of the multi-grain pad, then wiping the shaft down with one of the wool cloths.

Step 3: Burnish the Tip

Unsnap the leather burnisher from the kit. Wrap it tightly around the tip and squeeze as you twist the shaft to burnish the tip all the way around.

That’s all there is to it. Your shaft will now be smooth as glass.

Now let’s talk about how the product holds up over time.

I have been using the Dr. Z shaft maintenance product for about 6 months. I was skeptical when I read from the manufacturer that the multi-grain pad can be cleaned by simply washing it off with water. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well that worked and how it refreshes the pad.

The following image depicts the pad after use, then how it looked after being cleaned by simply rinsing with water.

Bottom Line

The Dr. Z Shaft Prescription differentiates itself from other products in a couple of ways. First, it’s reusable vs. other products where you have to replace the abrasive pads or sheets. Second is the convenience of having a complete portable package vs. others where you would have to purchase each of the products separately.

The product performs as advertised, providing a smooth, clean shaft. The reusable nature of the product provides a very good value as it will last you a long time. The portable nature of the product and carrying case provide a convenient way to store it in your bag and have it with you whenever you shoot.

The Dr. Z Shaft Prescription is an excellent product and I highly recommend it.

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