Glove Alternatives: Cue-Z Finger Slides & Unglove

Glove Alternatives: Cue-Z Finger Slides & Unglove

This is a review of two products that are alternatives to full gloves, the Cue-Z Finger Slides and UnGlove V2.  I also reviewed a $7 generic pool glove I ordered from Amazon to have as a reference.

Both the Cue-Z Finger Sleeves and the UnGlove V2 fit over the thumb, index and middle fingers. In the UnGlove all the finger covers are connected which makes it easier to get on and in position vs. the Cue-Z Finger Slides. The latter comes in two pieces, one of which connects the index finger and thumb and the other a single finger slide for the middle finger. This middle finger slide has no tab to pull it into place and could never over my 3 week test, get it into a comfortable position, despite measuring my fingers as listed on the Cue-Z website.

The UnGlove V2 is made of a very thin stretchy material and while much easier to pull on and adjust than the Cue-Z finger slides. It also feels much more flimsy compared to the thicker, finger slides. This reviewer found both products inadequately cover the Webbing area between the thumb and index finger. This resulted in a distracting fit particularly with the gap between the product materials and the webbing of the bridge hand. The independent finger slide could never seem to be put in the right position and allowed the pool cue shaft to touch more skin than material which was distracting.

In contrast the $7 Glove from Amazon performed flawlessly, it kept the shaft dry and allowed this reviewer to employ a snug bridge which increased accuracy on all shots. The Cue-Z Finger Slides sell for approximately $15 and the UnGlove appears online for between$9 a $14.

Considering the poor fit and the price, this reviewer would recommend the generic glove overall. It has none of the issues seen in the other two products. It ensures a snug bridge and promoted a smooth stroke. Between the two non gloves, were I forced to choose, I would choose the Cue-Z Finger Slides as the material is thicker and seems more durable than the UnGlove V2. I would also recommend a pull tabs be added for the middle finger slide.

Purchase the Cue-Z Finger Slides here.

Purchase the Unglove here.

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