Cue Mate Cue Holder

Cue Mate Cue Holder

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The Cue Mate is a high end solid wood cue holder designed to hold a single pool cue. A luxury item for sure, the Cue Mate’s design is extremely attractive while offering significant stability for holding your pool cue safely when not in use. The Cue Mate comes in a variety of woods in four different product lines in a variety of finishes to match any decor.

What I liked about the Cue Mate:

  • Made out of solid wood, it is a high quality product that is very well made and looks great
  • It will last forever
  • It is extremely stable and you can be confident it will hold your pool cue safely and will not tip
  • The Cue Mate holds the cue completely upright. The cue is not leaning on anything, thus reducing the possibility of dings in the shaft.
  • The variety of woods and colors make it easy to match your pool table color and decor. It will compliment your table and look great in your rec room
  • There are a variety of models and woods to choose from which provide flexibility in terms of price.
  • The product is made in the USA

Cue Mate considerations:

  • The product is extremely expensive, even for the most inexpensive model, regardless of the fact that they come in pairs.
  • The fact that it only holds a single pool cue is a major drawback for me.
  • Since I cannot think of a single rec room I have ever been in that had only one pool cue, you will still need to invest in other cue holders or racks in addition to the Cue Mate.
  • The Cue Mate is best suited to individuals who have rec rooms in their homes and is not a portable product. Individuals who do not have their own rec room may not find value in this product.

Unboxing the Cue Mate:

The product comes boxed very nicely with form fitted foam that provides very good protection for the pair of Cue Mates. This gives me confidence that the product will make it to your home in excellent condition.


What you get:

You get two Cue Mate cue holders, felt pads that can be affixed to the bottom of the Cue Mates and a thank you letter describing the Cue Mates. The Cue Mate comes completely assembled, with the exception of sticking the felt pads to the bottom. So you can literally start using the Cue Mate the minute you remove it from the box.











Your cue is held in the Cue Mate by a rubber insert in the top of the cone. There are stiff rubber “flaps” that provide the flexibility to accommodate different Butt sizes, while still providing an appropriately tight fit that will hold your cue snugly and securely.









To use the Cue Mate, simply slide the butt of your cue into the Cue Mate and let it settle all the way down into the unit.














The following is a picture of the Cue Mate holding a cue. Notice how the cue is held completely vertically with no need to lean the cue or clamp it in any way. This helps to protect the shaft from potential dings that can occur with other clamps or leaning your cue against something.














As depicted by the following video, the Cue Mate is very stable and does not tip easily.  Weighing in at two pounds each and having a wide base, your cue will be held safely and securely:


Overall Assessment:

The Cue Mate is suited to individuals who have a pool table at home and in this regard, the Cue Mate is a high quality product that would be a nice compliment to a rec room. Having said that, for the high price tag, limited versatility and the fact that each unit only holds one cue, the Cue Mate may not provide enough value for the money for many.

Would I buy this product? No, this product is not for me. However, the company just released a new product called the Travel Mate which I think provides significantly more value for your dollar. It costs about half the price, is an extremely high quality product made out of powder coated aluminum, looks fantastic, will compliment any home rec room, holds four cues and is portable. If you are in the market for a cue holder, I strongly recommend that you give that product a look. I did purchase the Travel Mate. You can read our review of the Travel Mate here.


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