Great White Chalk

Great White Chalk

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Quality of packaging
  • Overall Value

I really liked this chalk, until I used it.

What I liked about it:

  • Made in USA! I really like to support products made in America.
  • The branding is fantastic. Honestly, what is cooler and more intimidating than a great white shark.
  • It was really well packaged, in a reusable portable container that stores nicely in your cue case.
  • It comes in multiple colors. This is important not only for personal preference, but also because some establishments will only let you play with specific color chalk due to the color of felt on the tables.
  • The imbedded magnet and belt clip accessory negated the need for purchasing a separate chalk holder. I also liked the weight the magnet gave the chalk. And the magnet is very strong, this chalk won’t be slipping off your belt for sure.
  • It is very different looking than the other chalk, which meant it was easy to distinguish as my chalk when left at the table. It is less likely that your opponent will take your chalk back to his/her seat after shooting.


What I didn’t like about it:

  • I did not think it covered as well as other chalk.
  • It didn’t perform as well as some other chalk. In my corner to corner power draw practice drill, I miscued with this chalk more than usual. Out of 4 racks (60 shots), I miscued about 5 times. This is high for me. I typically might miscue once in this many shots.
  • I didn’t like the feel when applying the chalk to the tip. It had a scraping feeling to it as I brushed the chalk on.
  • I found the chalk a bit dusty and noticed chalk dust on my pants as I subconsciously wiped my hands on my pants after chalking. In fairness however, I did not notice any chalk residue on the ball, nor any more than usual on the table compared to using other chalk.
  • It is more expensive than other chalk that perform as well or better


A look at this chalk in a bit more detail:

Here are two containers of chalk as packaged, along with the belt clip and chalk cover:











The following is an unboxed view of the chalk. You get two pieces of each chalk in a container. You only get one color per container, but I am depicting several colors to give you an idea of them:











If you do not carry the chalk in the plastic container it comes in, you will want to cap it with the rubber cover to avoid getting chalk in your case or pants pocket:











This is the belt clip designed to work with the magnet imbedded in the bottom of the chalk:





















Check out the strength of the magnet:


The following depicts the chalk coverage on the tip. You can see from the image, it appears a bit porous:











To wrap it up, I just didn’t think it performed any better than other chalk that cost a fraction of what this chalk costs. I also believe that other chalk Great White competes with on price and performance such as Kamui, perform better. See my review on Kamui chalk here. While Kamui chalk doesn’t come with all the bells and Whistles, it’s the performance for the price point that matters.

I most likely will not use this chalk myself. Having said that, there are a number of players in my leagues that really like Great White Chalk and use it all the time, so it is worth assessing for yourself.

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