Kamui Tip Tool

Kamui Tip Tool

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Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool

This is a really neat product for scuffing your tip to help ensure that the chalk stays on your cue, helping to prevent miscues. Prior to using this tool, I used to use products such as the Tip Pik after a miscue in order to rough up my tip prior to reapplying chalk. I find the Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool to be much gentler on my tip, gently scuffing the tip and raising the fibers rather than punching lots of holes in my tip. It also doesn’t grind your tip down like other shapers do, which I know people also use sometimes to rough up their tips.

The tool comes in variety of very thin stylish wood boxes, held together with four small magnets.











You open the tool by sliding it open, releasing the magnets











You gently rub the tip across the scuffer surface while gently rolling the tip











As you go, check the tip to insure the fibers are gently lifted evenly throughout











Then apply your chalk as normal and observe the beautiful coverage












While I did not author the following, it is a good video I found that shows how to use the  Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool.


This is a great product for scuffing your tip. Having said that, I would not use this tool as a shaper as I think there are better tools for that purpose. However, if you are looking for a scuffer to help prevent miscues, I really like this product over the others. It does the job wonderfully while being much gentler on your tip. It is fairly pricey compared to some of the other products, but it is worth the extra money.

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