Telescoping Pocket Bridge

Telescoping Pocket Bridge

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Telescoping Pocket Bridge

I put this bridge in the cool gadget category as far as bridges go. Unlike other portable bridges that you may carry in your case that you attach to one of your cues, this bridge actually comes with a telescoping stick of it’s own. Collapsed down, the length of the stick is a compact 8 1/2 inches. Fully extended, the length of the stick is a generous 43 inches.

These dimensions make this bridge compact enough to carry with you anywhere and long enough to reach any shot on the table.











The bridge is well made. The grip is rubber, providing a comfortable feel in your hand. The telescopic stick is aluminum making this full size bridge surprisingly light.

The mechanism that holds the bridge head on is quite versatile and the bridge head can be positioned in a variety of positions that can be locked into place with a simple twist of a locking mechanism where the bridge head connects to the stick. This combined with the telescoping feature that can be adjusted to any length between 8 1/2 and 43 inches makes this bridge quite handy in navigating those tricky layouts where a standard bridge is difficult to get into. This bridge can really get you out of a bind in this regard.









The one factor that I don’t like about this bridge, and the one that has me shying away from using it, is how lightweight it is. While I can see how many might consider the extremely light weight a good thing, it gives it a cheap feel and is just too light for me.  It just doesn’t give me a confident feel when I am shooting using this bridge. While in reality it has been stable when I have used it, it always feels like it is going to move on me while I am stroking.

The other factor to consider is the steep price. This is quite pricey compared to some of the other portable bridge heads on the market. Particularly those which attach to the end of your cue.

Overall, this is a nifty little addition to your arsenal. Whenever I use it, it always generates interest from the other players who want to try it and are keen to know where I purchased it. If you always want to be prepared in the event that the place you are playing does not have a bridge or are looking for something more versatile than a standard bridge. This might just be the portable bridge for you.

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