Liquid Cue Teflon

Liquid Cue Teflon

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Liquid Cue Teflon (Real Name, Zardoz NOTwax)

Yet another of my favorite non-billiard, billiard products. If you are looking for the best stuff to get your cue slicker than anything on the planet, look no further than this pure liquid Teflon. This stuff is Ski, Snowboard, (and now cue) wax and it is slick stuff Рin more ways than one! Apply this stuff to your cue every once in a while (or as needed) to keep your cue protected and slickly, smoothly sliding across your bridge hand.

The very compact, convenient “pocket puck” carries everything you need, including the liquid Teflon and felt pad applicator.











Applying the liquid Teflon is simple. Squeeze a few drops from the bottle onto the felt applicator. Then simply wipe up & down the shaft, turning as you go, until the shaft is covered. Then give the shaft a quick wipe with a lint free cloth. That’s it!











This is serious stuff, and there is science and a patent behind the formula. You can read about the science behind Zardoz NOTwax here.

Prior to using the liquid Teflon on your cue, you are going to want to be sure your shaft is clean. We have a review of a great product and process for that, which you can read about by clicking the image below:









A good lint free cloth to use for the post-wax wipedown is the Magicloth lint free cloth. You can purchase it by clicking the following image:











There are other products out there to keep your cue slick and protected, but this is my favorite. The self contained pocket puck provides a nicely packaged and portable product, making it convenient to store in your case so you have it with you when you need it. It is a very effective product and I definitely recommend it. I am sure that you will be happy with the results.

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