Automatic Aiming Tool

Automatic Aiming Tool

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True Angle Automatic Aiming Tool (ok, protractor)

One of the best billiards products I have ever used isn’t even a billiards product, and this tool is it! I started using the True Angle protractor after attending Tom Simpson’s pool school. One of the things that you will find really helps you to improve your game is taking the guess work out of where to aim to make a shot – and to practice this often until it becomes second nature. This is called automatic aiming and it gives you a huge competitive advantage. For example, a half ball hit is a 30 degree angle. This means that if you are aiming to hit a 30 degree shot, from your point of view (in aiming position), the cue ball would be covering exactly half of the object ball. Meaning the edge of the cue ball is lined up with the center of the object ball.

This is what this looks like:







Hitting a 30 degree shot like this is going to go in every time! (Ok, maybe not every time. There is throw, squirt, english, etc. that are factors. But, take my word for it, this will work for you!)

  • 40 degrees is a slightly thinner hit than this
  • 20 degrees is a slightly fuller hit than this

Using the True Angle allows you to setup shots with specific degrees of angles effortlessly and consistently. This will allow you to shoot a specific angle over & over again in your practice sessions until the angle becomes second nature to you. If you do it enough, you will walk up to the table in your next match and just know you are looking at a 30 degree angle and you will effortlessly cut that ball in without even thinking about it, regardless of the distance.

The following depicts how to use the True Angle to set up your shots (click image for larger display):


It comes in various sizes. I prefer the 18′ length, but there are shorter ones that would make it a bit more portable for you. As far as plastic protractors go, is a bit pricey, but worth it.

I use this in my practice sessions very often, and have been doing so for a couple of years. It has made a very big difference in my game. Equally valuable to beginning through advanced players, this will improve your game

This is an excellent complement to Phil Capelle’s books as he often describes his shots in degrees. You can check that out the one I reviewed by clicking the following image:






I also recommend using shot dots with this product so that you can setup the shots over and over again without having to use the protractor every time between shots. See my review of shot dots by clicking the following image:






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