Pool Card Game

Pool Card Game

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Ultimate Pool Challenge Card Game

The ultimate pool challenge card game is basically a deck of cards with billiard shots on each card. Each card has a point value based on the difficulty of the shot. The harder the shot, the more points the card is worth. The idea is to make practice fun as well as providing a new way to play pool with your friends.

As an instructional tool, I found that while the cards do have some instructional aspects such as depicting where to hit the cue ball and what path the object & cue ball should take, it really didn’t have enough richness in terms of teaching. To use the cards, in my opinion, you already have to have a good understanding of shot making, english, etc. as I don’t think the cards are sufficient as instructional material on their own, but could be good to reinforce these concepts.

The cards have good production quality and are nicely illustrated and feel like a high quality deck of cards. They even can double as a deck of cards as there are 52 in the deck and they also carry the markings of actual playing cards.

Here are some examples of the card











I really liked the idea of this product as practice can tend to get a bit boring and tedious and I thought this might prove to make practice sessions more interesting, and well, fun. When I first purchased the cards I used them for about a week or two, but they really didn’t hold my interest. I reverted back to other books or DVDs I have that reinforce practice & training drills. I also found that my pool playing friends were not interested in playing a new (non-traditional) pool game, but rather were more interested in classic games such as 3 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball, etc.. I have seen other products attempt to introduce new non-traditional games that met the same fate in terms of this kind of resistance.

This is a fairly expensive product and in my opinion, for this investment, your dollars would be better spent on more structured training books or DVDs that reinforce practice and training drills.

I am the founder of Billiard Product Reviews. I have been playing pool for over 30 years. I have a genuine love for this game and all things billiards. I consider myself a student of the game and try to learn as much as I can from instructional books, instructional DVDs, DVDs of professional matches, professional coaching, practice and from the other players that I play with. While I play competitively in league and occasionally tournaments, I consider myself a casual player, relatively speaking. I am a skill level 7 in the APA, skill level 5 in TAP and play as a C+ in amateur open tournaments. I created this site to give back to the billiards community and to assist my fellow players in selecting the right products to help improve their game or just get more enjoyment out of the sport we love.

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