Kamui Glove

Kamui Glove

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Kamui Glove

I never used to wear a glove, but I do now! There was a lot of hype when these new gloves were released, marketed as a very high quality product. Other brand name gloves can be purchased from less than $10, so  comparably, this glove appeared very expensive, relatively speaking. So I was skeptical that this glove would provide enough value to warrant me paying a premium for it. I first saw this glove in person at Super Billiards Expo where I had a chance to try on the glove before I made the purchase. I must say that from the first time I saw this glove on display, it was evident it was a high quality product, everything from the packaging to the colors to the material the glove was made out of. Once I tried it on, I knew I had to have this glove. The fit was fantastic, it felt great on my hand and also looked fantastic. I gladly parted with my $ and purchased it immediately. I also bought a few for a couple of friends of mine who I knew would appreciate this glove.

I have had this glove for almost a year now and wear it regularly. I wear it in my league play twice per week, in my practice sessions and tournament play. It has held up wonderfully. There is a subtle pad on the palm that keeps the glove from slipping on the table, the material is quite light and has some stretch to it. My hand remains totally comfortable in this glove for the duration of my play and I do not experience sweating while wearing it. I never used to wear a glove, but I am now hooked. I love the consistency a glove provides and I always know how the cue is going to feel sliding through my bridge. Speaking of bridges, there is no bridge configuration that does not feel great with this glove.

Here are a few images of the glove on my hand. Keep in mind the fact that the glove in the image is about a year old, and has been regularly used. You can see a bit of wear on the top of my forefinger as that is tucked under my bridge when I shoot. Frankly, I would have expected this to be worn through by now, but this glove has held up beautifully.











A year later, the glove still looks and performs great. This glove delivers on the goods and while expensive, I would gladly purchase another one of these gloves and highly recommend it.

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