Zero-X P.K.E Book

Zero-X P.K.E Book

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Zero-X P.K.E Improve Your Game Book

This is an awesome new instructional book from Zero-x billiards. Tor Lowry is one of the best instructors out there with some of the best instructional material you’ll find. Fundamentals, pattern play, cue ball control, kicking & banking systems, 9 ball and 8 ball strategy. I own all his DVDs and this book is the written version of that material. I own dozens of instructional billiards books and DVDs. None come close to the production quality of this book and the corresponding DVDs. Excellent mix of written material with a perfect balance of illustrations. The book has tabs, making it extremely useful for quick reference of areas you want to work on. Another excellent feature is the spiral bound binding of this book, which allows you to lay the book flat on your pool table as you follow along with the drills.  The instruction and drills in this book are extremely easy to follow, including the more complex topics. If you want to improve your game, this book is a bargain for you, even with the $40 price tag, it’s well worth the investment and is the absolute best book you will find – and I own em’ all. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, this book will improve your game!

A nice compliment to this product are shot dots, which can be used to setup shots consistently and easily as you follow along with the drills in this book. They are especially useful for the pattern play drills. See my review of shot dots by clicking the following image:







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  1. I agree…great instructional booklet for the beginner or skilled player

  2. Very comprehensive and beautifully designed book. Feels good in the hands and extra points for ease of use with it’s tab system. Highly recommend for really any player looking for an all-around great instructional tool.

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